January 17, 2019

Our Program

We are here to help you to become a homeowner. There is no reason why you should let the big banks take you away from your goal of home ownership. Let’s work together and create a plan which will allow us to move forward and qualify you for your new home. Even better, why not build that qualification and live in the home you want at the same time. With our personalized Rent to Own program this can be accomplished. Working with our experienced team you will be well on your way to making your dream a reality.

Here are a few of the benefits we bring:

  • Rent to own allows you to get out of a not so nice “rental property” and move into a place you can proudly call home right away.
  • At the same time you start a savings account with the goal being to own this home over a predetermined period of time. before you can qualify for a mortgage and move to a nice home.
  • Rent payments are fixed for the life of the agreement, so you have a clear plan towards owning your home.
  • Instead of just paying rent, you are working towards the purchase of the home you are living in by increasing your savings account via rent credits.
  • You don’t need the whole downpayment to get into your new home right away.
  • We create a customized financial plan with you.
  • While you are living in your future home, you are also improving your credit!
  • You can put yourself in a position where home ownership is not only possible, but easy.

The Responsibilities:

We help educate our clients on the costs involved in purchasing a home and are also transparent about the costs involved in our Rent to Own Program. 

  • We will help educate you on the costs involved in moving into a home, whether that means additional furnishings or a disciplined savings account for future maintenance.

Start your journey with us today!